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To provide the region with minimum and basic cost health care facility. The care and cure of accuracy with state of the art infrastructure.

The World's Best Quality Treatment

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NK hospital has become the synonymous name for Trauma and Emergence services in Kalburagi and Kalyan Karnataka region.

The World’s Best
Quality Treatment

We Work To Take Care Of
Your Health & Body

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Gastroenterology provides complete care to your digestive system and treat your disorders. Any diseases affecting the digestive system including oesophagus, stomach ,small and large intestine ,rectum ,liver, gallbladder and pancreas treated by us.

Faciliated with the most advanced equipment , our highly skilled team of surgical gastroenterologist provide, prevention, diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of a wide variety of gastro intestinal disease giving personalized ,cost effective quality care .

We Strive To Provide You The Best Medical And General Practice Care!

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Surgical Gastroenterology
Bariatric Surgery

Gi Trauma & Complicated Surgeries

Gallbladder and Bileducts
Advanced Laparoscopic
Small And Large Intestine